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President Wilson presents vision for WSU at first address

President Wilson presents vision for WSU at first address

In his first university-wide address on Oct. 2, President M. Roy Wilson shared his collective, bold vision for Wayne State to become the nation’s pre-eminent public urban research university.

Wilson said the fact that Wayne State is comprehensive, public and urban, with high research activity, the presence of an academic medical center and an inextricable community bond make it “something unique, something special; in fact, something extraordinary.”

In mapping out the vision Wilson said, “I have become convinced that in our quest to be great, we must be good. … A good university does everything it can to make sure that every single student who entrusts their education to us graduates!  Every single student.”

With that, Wilson empowered employees to make decisions with students’ best interests as the guiding principle.

“We must take care of our students because we are a good university.  But also, in taking care of our students, enrollment will follow, we will have the resources to support our faculty and we will be heading up the pathway to becoming a great university — the pre-eminent public urban research university of this nation.”

Wilson’s concluding message was simple: “Each and every one of you can make a difference. I urge you to do so.”