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Bike Watch program helps curb crime

Bike Watch program helps curb crime

Wayne State is known for its collaborative efforts in curbing crime and promoting safety. So when the AmeriCorps Urban Safety Program (AMUS) at the Center for Urban Studies launched its Bike Watch last spring, WSU embraced the program. 

“We’ve had a large community buy-in,” said Ramona Washington, AMUS director. “Even people from surrounding communities have reached out to us and asked, ‘How can we implement what you’re doing in our area?’”

AMUS members provide police with an increased street presence while also deterring potential criminals on otherwise empty streets. Using CompStat data and partnering with local police departments, they ride through designated high-crime area in teams of two or three. If they witness a crime, members radio the WSUPD and keep a safe distance until police arrive. 

Following the program’s successful implementation in the area surrounding WSU, the Bike Watch has expanded to Woodbridge and New Center. 

Earlier this month, Bike Watch Coordinator Andre Masnari was interviewed about how patrolling the campus community and working with WSUPD has made a difference around Wayne State. The interview is available at www.mysecuritysign.com/blog/detroit-bike-watch.