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Wayne State's Theresa Hill moonlights on the airwaves

Wayne State's Theresa Hill moonlights on the airwaves

When Theresa Hill isn't on the clock as a project specialist in WSU's Office of the Vice President for Research, she's Lady T. on MIX-FM 92.3's "Old School House Party with Gerald McBride."

The show airs weekly on Saturday nights from 7 p.m. to midnight, and is syndicated in almost 30 markets including Chattanooga, Tenn., Norfolk, Va. and Savannah, Ga.

Co-hosting a number-one show in Detroit is just Hill's latest gig in a radio career filled with plenty of opportunities, including travel and celebrity encounters with everyone from Bill Cosby to 50 Cent.

Right out of high school, Hill began her music career as a club disc jockey and, on the side, DJ-ing house and techno events - one of her biggest was the Detroit Electronic Music Festival.

After graduating from Specs Howard School of Media Arts, Hill interned for Detroit Public Schools and Television's WRCJ-FM 90.9, eventually becoming a host. She was on WRCJ-FM for five years, and had the opportunity to interview public figures and celebrities, including former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and boxer Evander Holyfield, with whom she had the chance to bowl.

"Evander was in town for an interview about a cable network he was a launching and on-air he was bragging about his bowling skills. He said he could whoop the pants off me in bowling because it was his hobby, and he even had a bowling alley in his house. I was bowling in a league at that time. After the show, we went a local bowling alley, bowled a game and he couldn't believe it, but I beat him. My score was 181," said Hill.

Aside from bowling with Holyfield, Hill has also had the opportunity to travel all over the country, hosting concerts and club events with her two "Old School House Party" co-hosts, McBride and Andre Key. Hill, McBride and Key have hosted events in cities from New York to Las Vegas.

While jet-setting and hob-knobbing with celebrities, Hill hasn'tforgotten what it took her to get here.

"I started as an unpaid intern at 90.9 FM and I went to all kinds of events to network and meet people, I cannot put enough emphasis on interning and networking. It's the best way to get your foot in the door and build relationships," said Hill.

During her time at WRCJ-FM Hill also mentored students from her alma mater.

"At the end of the day, it's about the mentee. You want them to be successful and, hopefully, avoid the mistakes or bumps in the road you encountered."

Though Hill's at a point where she can pass her knowledge onto others, music and radio are her passion and she's still setting and pursuing goals.

"After being part of two number one shows in Detroit and Flint, I want to host my own show on a station like WDET."

For more information about her current radio gig, visit mix923fm.com.