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Ionbond is looking for a Process Engineer!Carmen Gamlin - 12:47PM Apr 16
College of Engineering Career Resources - Process Engineer (Madison Heights, Michigan) To serve as a primary technical resource for the plant/company in developing, planning, and training...
Riverwalkers Educate Anglers on Detroit RiverCarrie Leach - 8:44AM Apr 16
All about Aging -   [youtube OvjQaj-yJNo] The Detroit River has long been a valued food source for locals, but the fish caught there may not always be safe. Wayne State University researchers...
WSU International Students are Invited to Register at GTRI: Global Talent Retention InitiativeCarmen Gamlin - 5:38AM Apr 16
College of Engineering Career Resources - GTRI continues to move forward with the development of a searchable registry of international students who are interested in securing internships...
Tips and Tools: Everything Old is New AgainRAS - 4:45AM Apr 16
Research Administrative Services - Many of you who read these entries attend our Tips and Tools meetings each month, and for you we have a resource from last month's meeting:  the Grant Math slides...
Calligraphy Azam Khan - 11:14PM Apr 15
Typography Blog -   A great website to know more about how to begin calligraphy. http://www.whatkatiedoes.net/2013/01/learning-calligraphy.html
Printing 1770-1970Azam Khan - 11:12PM Apr 15
Typography Blog -   I Great informative book about printmaking through the ages.  
Deep Font GameAzam Khan - 11:03PM Apr 15
Typography Blog -   A Fun game to get you discern between fonts. http://www.deep.co.uk/games/font_game/
What The Font!?Azam Khan - 10:55PM Apr 15
Typography Blog - It's like a reverse image search, but for fonts! http://www.myfonts.com/WhatTheFont/
WordPress TypographyAzam Khan - 10:48PM Apr 15
Typography Blog -       The wp-Typography plugin  will help improve typography on WordPress http://kingdesk.com/projects/wp-typography/
Pressing Letters Azam Khan - 10:39PM Apr 15
Typography Blog - A great place to check out some of the things happening with letter pressing. http://www.pressingletters.com/
Type:Rider Must see videoAzam Khan - 10:23PM Apr 15
Typography Blog - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rltFoWr6jb4 For those of you that have a table, Check this game out.
My Font Book Azam Khan - 10:09PM Apr 15
Typography Blog - For those of you that need to sort out all of those fonts on you computer. http://www.myfontbook.com/
The Elements of Typography Azam Khan - 10:04PM Apr 15
Typography Blog -   The Elements of Typography by Roberrt Bringurst will show you the ins and outs of Typography.
Thinking With TypeAzam Khan - 10:00PM Apr 15
Typography Blog -   Thinking with Type by Ellen Lupton is a must have for beginning, and advanced type students.
I Love TypographyAzam Khan - 9:55PM Apr 15
Typography Blog -       Among many other awesome thing, IloveTypography has some great wallpapers.   http://ilovetypography.com/love/
TypediaAzam Khan - 9:48PM Apr 15
Typography Blog -   A great resource for any typographer. http://typedia.com/
Deviant Art Azam Khan - 9:42PM Apr 15
Typography Blog -   I Great place to check many striving artists. https://www.deviantart.com/digitalart/typography/
The Typographic Desk ReferenceAzam Khan - 9:38PM Apr 15
Typography Blog -     I A good reference for those who love type. http://typedeskref.com/
Da fonts Azam Khan - 9:32PM Apr 15
Typography Blog - Dafonts is a website where you can download altos of free fonts http://www.dafont.com/
Marian BantjesAzam Khan - 6:57PM Apr 15
Typography Blog -
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